Thursday, March 17, 2005


There are moments that will remain stuck in your mind forever. Some of these moments are life changing, others are just humorous.

Some of these moments in my life include:

1. Seeing Julia's face as she screamed the entire time while riding the Shamu Express last year at Sea World in San Antonio.

2. Jenna looking up at me smiling ear-to-ear when I put her to bed.

3. The expression on a teenager's face who has just come out of the water after committing their life to following Jesus.

4. The look on my bride's face (fiance back then) when I proposed.

5. The expressions my daughter Jenna makes when she unloads in her diaper.

6. Watching Julia as she reeled in the first fish she ever caught - 4 oz perch.

7. Beck Neal and Kade Griffin's expression when I entered a room wearing a child's small Houston Rockets T-shirt.

8. Praying with a student in a parking lot who has shared some tough stuff.

9. Holding pieces of metal that looked like they came out of a car that were just removed from Candice's back a few days before.

10. Holding a fish filet in my garage in Alaska as I received bad news concerning my sister.

11. Kissing a student's foot at the end of a scavenger hunt.

For me, these moments have always involved people I love -- whether it be teenagers in our student ministries or my family. For me, memories of these things are the most significant and life changing. Good or bad, I would not exchange them for anything.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I'm one who is slow to change. I've cut my hair the same way since I was 18. I've always preferred green or blue shirts and jeans over all other types of clothes. I've worn the same brand of tennis shoes, Asics, since high school, I have always preferred pepperoni pizza over any other type, and I still listen to 80s music.
Having said that, I do know that change is good and sometime must not only be accepted, but embraced. For example, not only have I accepted the fact I'm losing my hair, I've embraced it. I told Deana that if I ever get to a point where all that's left is a ring of hair on the top of my head making me look like a walking doughnut, then I'll just completely shave it and go bald.
However there is one change that I'm just now learning to accept, the departure of a good friend from Alvin to Ft. Worth. Although he'll be missed, I know the Lord has amazing plans for his life. God bless.